The Dandy Warhols, new poster released!

Yeah, what is UP!

I just released a new poster for a great new band called The Dandy Warhols, perhaps you’ve heard of them? Just kiddin’, goofus. They’ve been around the block and back, consistently putting out good solid psych-pop, which I love. I’m pleased as piked punch to have done a poster for The Dandys Bournemouth UK show with the lovely  Fabienne Delsol  through the Richard Goodall Gallery as a part of their European tour series.

2-color hand screenprinted poster for The Dandy Warhols in Bournemouth UK

2-color hand screenprinted poster for The Dandy Warhols in Bournemouth UK

This poster is all hand screenprinted by me, 2-colors on acid-free & archival Cougar White, 100lb heavy cover stock. Available now at my website, or my Etsy store. 

Also, I HIGHLY recommend  Ondi Timoner’s rock-documentary DiG! if you’ve never seen it, heard of it, or have seen it half a dozen times (like me) or more. Super intense and amazingly entertaining and Sundance Grand Jury Prize award winning  look at not just two bands’ symbiotic  and tumultuous relationships’ to each other, but the touring and creative life in general. Hilarious, freaky & groovy, sex, drugs, death threats and fashion – basically everything you want rock music to be. Check it!

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