About strawberryluna

The Basics: strawberryluna is Allison & Craig. We are a pair of designers, illustrators, and screenprinters as well as music and film nerds based in Pittsburgh, PA. And yes, the correct way to spell our studio name is “strawberryluna”. All one word, all lower case. Full on. When it’s good, you don’t need to shout.

Allison was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania while Craig is Pittsburgh through & through. Allison moved 300 miles away from home to Pittsburgh, only to realize that she is, in fact, still in Pennsylvania. This gives us a lot of practice correctly spelling “Pennsylvania”.

Handling most of the heavy lifting on the hand screen printing side of our posters and prints is Allison, hand pulling our silkscreens the super old-fashioned way. Originally working out of the amazing community / artists run co-op studio in Pittsburgh called Artists Image Resource (AIR for short), now Allison primarily prints at our studio in the Friendship section of Pittsburgh. Craig is not only an insanely versatile designer and natural trivia champ, but is also a Superman in the kitchen.

We love to work on illustration and design projects outside of silkscreen posters and prints. We’ve done custom illustration work, created full CD & vinyl packaging designs & layout, logos & identity packages, traditional-print ready pieces, web-ready icons and designs, t-shirt designs, and much more. If you like what you see here, then odds are that we can handle just about any type of design & illustration needs you might have.

Want to hire us or inquire about our design services or licensing our work? Email us! and let’s talk.

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