Butch Walker T-shirt

Butch Walker T-shirt, pre-release merchandise illustration and design.


T-shirt design for Butch Walker & The Black Widows 2010 release: “I Liked It Better When You Had No Heart”.


Special, limited edition t-shirt art & design, available as a special piece included with the limited collector’s edition vinyl release (photos from the band’s own private stash).


We worked on a complete package for the band’s release including:

– CD cover design (front & back)
– CD interior spread& design
– CD booklet layout & design
– CD disk art & design & layout
– Art for iTunes release of the single “You Belong With Me”, cover of Taylor Swift’s song.
– LP jacket design & layout
– Limited edition lithograph poster (included with the deluxe limited edition vinyl version only)
– LP sleeve design & layout
– LP stickers design & layout

-T-shirt design