Design Milk Desktop

Design Milk Designer Desktop.


We were commissioned by the heavyweight design blog Design Milk to produce a custom set of desktop illustrations for their popular Designer Desktops Series for July, 2011. From a formidable mountain of quotations about design, we settled on one by Coco Chanel that speaks volumes about certain elements we hold dear in design. In particular, that good design should be inspiring and enlightening, and certainly never weigh you down.


Download the perfect size fit for your computer, iPad or iPhone from Design Milk here!


“Sometimes when you go looking for inspiration, you cannot find it in the usual places. In fact, we notice that inspiration often comes from surprising little corners of a day. While looking through more traditional design quotes, it was hard to find one that fit nicely.


Reading through random quotations, we kept seeing gems from Coco Chanel. While she was certainly a designer, we tend to think of her work and legacy in the narrow terms of fashion only.


Realistically, that’s unfair given Chanel’s extreme and indelible effect on design across multiple platforms in the modern era. Her quotes are lively, fresh, graphically interesting and as carefully composed as the objects she created. This quote in particular appealed to us for the stylish and visually crisp way of stating the importance of one’s self or one’s work being perfectly self-sufficient.


And of the opportunity to create a man’s suit from mere stacked words? C’est parfait!”


-Allison & Craig