Definitely received a great gift around Hanukkah-Christmas here, (we celebrate it all baby!) in the form of a magical little graphics tablet. The Wacom Bamboo to be more precise. It’s a lower-end piece of awesome that I’ve really been enjoying getting to play with around here this winter. 

My George Washington All The Presidents Men Show print was the first thing that I worked on with it, and since they I’ve been having the itch to draw and sketch things nearly every day, though not every day has ended with me actually getting time to draw with it. Most unfortunately.

So, for no good reason at all, I’ve been thinking about posting up unfinished work, mocks, comps, sketches and the like here on my blog rather than my website where I feel like things ought to be slightly more pro and complete. This is the first installment of Unfinished Work, today I present: Doodles. 2 of ’em!

Sometimes I just like parts of things, and this is part of a suit that’s part of  a man, completely unfinished. I did surprise myself with the late 70s /early 80s dry cleaner poster sort of vibe with this one. Unexpected, but that’s sort of the fun of doodling, ain’t it?

Coming from the past to a dry cleaner near you.

WE DO SUITS. Coming from the past to a dry cleaner near you.

This one below is an unused sketch from an illustration for a book cover design. I like things that are tumbled on top of each other, transparency, patterns, and layers. I wanted nature, here represented as a forest, to be as tall and thick as city overloaded with skyscrapers and buildings, each being imposing in their own way.

Forest, City nary between.

Forest, City, naught in between.

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