Thank you Austin Texas!

Man, whew! I’m beyond tired. We had such a great time at this year’s SXSW Music Festival and Flatstock Poster Convention in good ol’ Austin, Texas.

Lots and lots to tell, but overall the show was really successful. I feel like we all got to talk to a lot of new folks, see some happily familiar faces and once again get people jazzed about posters and music and the art in between them. Such a great feeling. Especially since the Flatstock show was 4 days long this year, up from the former 3-day event.

Dan, from Crosshair Press, photo by Mary Sledd

Dan, cool cat from Crosshair, photo by Mary Sledd

The Austin Chronicle’s Audra Schroeder wrote up a very nice piece about Flatstock and it’s tradition with SXSW here with some super photographs accompanying the article by Mary Sledd, above and below.

Me, strawberryluna, doin my thing. Photo by Mary Sledd.

Me, strawberryluna, doin' my thing. Photo by Mary Sledd.

Dave Witt, being awesome. Photo by Mary Sledd.

Dave Witt, being awesome. Photo by Mary Sledd.

Flatstock is a really crazy mix of super hard work and high-energy talking, particularly the SXSW version and then…so much fun. We bunked up with our best pals from Hero Design Studio, as per usual, and the laughs seriously never stop. Just when you think it’s bedtime and you can’t take any more? BOOM. The North American Free Trade Agreement becomes the funniest thing to happen all week.

Studios we adored hanging out with afterhours and that you should check out: Mike Budai, Delicious Design League, Design Medicine, Doublenaut, DWITT, Hero Design Studio, Largemammal, Brian MercerMiss Amy Jo, Popfuel, and good ol’ Dan Stiles,

Places we ate, and so should you when in the Austin area: Juan in A Million, The Salt Lick, Rudy’s BBQ, Mama Fu’s (they delivered to us in the Convention Center, thank you forever!)

We loved Austin so much that we made a very special stop at Cavender’s Boot City in Austin (with the world’s loudest women’s rest room EVER) on the way to taking our good friends, the Doublenauts to the airport on our last full day in town. Check out the boots that I could not pass up.

Takin a little bit of Texas home with me.

Takin' a little bit of Texas home with me.

Hope to see you all next year!

Je ne suis pas Morrissey

So close, so handsome.

So close, so far away.

Because there is only one Morrissey. And, after 24 years, Pittsburgh finally gets their man at The Carnegie Music Hall.

What a great send off for SXSW & Flatstock. Thank you for a lovely show & a Happy St. Patrick’s Day.


New art print, “he likes to read books written for girls” released!

Books Written For Girls, what a softly brutal song by Camera Obscura.

3-color, hand screenprinted art print "He Likes To Read Books Written For Girls"

3-color, hand screenprinted art print "He Likes To Read Books Written For Girls"

So! Independent Record Store Day is quite a great little way to help support your local indepents. This print is part of a print exchange and show in conjunction with Independent Record Store Day on Saturday April 18, 2009. This particular print show will be up for viewing at 3 different indie record stores around the country: Signed & Numbered and Slowtrain Records in Salt Lake City, Size Records in Oklahoma City and 52.5 Records in Charleston, SC.

The theme for the show was to take a song lyric from a favorite band and translate that into a print for the show. I chose Camera Obscura’s “Books Written For Girls”, which is just a sweetly sad and devastating songhere combined with text from a classic book written for girls rife with odd gender roles and unfair treatment of one’s loves. Or so I think. And here they are, just about to have a heart or two broken.

Available now at my website here. And don’t forget to support your local independent record stores!

Flatstock floorplan

I’m just about packed, and getting super excited to head down to SXSW in Austin, TX for  the Flatstock rock poster show. I almost can’t sleep, it’s like Christmas. I figured that for anyone else thinking about checking Flatstock that I’d post a floorplan to help folks negotiate all of the awesome.

It’s a bit wide, so I’ve popped it up on my Flickr page here. If you come through Flatstock, definitely come say hello!

New art print, ‘Going To See My Baby Blue’ released!

Love love love! Everyone falls in love.

Going To See My Baby Blue

Going To See My Baby Blue

This screenprinted happy day is a new colorway of a very popular and quickly sold out print that I did in 2007, but in a super smaller edition, now returned in blue & periwinkle, just for you. Fresh off the press this weekend. Available at my website, and my Etsy shop.

Going To See My Baby Blue is my 5-color, all hand screen printed art print with sky blue, bright bike red, dark grey, black and transparent periwinkle hand mixed and non-toxic water based inks. And yes! The periwinkle cloud breaks the margin/border, just like a good cloud should.Tweet! Edition of 85. Size: 15.5 x22 inches (39.4 cm x 55.9 cm.) Paper: acid free & archival Cougar, White 100lb cover weight.

A printing progress photo of crazy screenprinting action is below, and there are (of course), more on my Flickr page here too.

Going To See My Baby Blue print, 2 of 5 colors printed.

Going To See My Baby Blue print, 2 of 5 colors printed.

Found Handmade, doing the work for you

Found Handmade Banner

Ever feel overwhelmed by the awesome amounts of handmade art? Perhaps a blog like found-handmade is your new BFF. Found-handmade’s motto is “Finding handmade good so you don’t have to.” and they really mean it. It’s a fully searchable blog that also culls great art and craft finds from big handmade product sites like Etsy, 1000 Markets, Art Fire, and Dawanda. With those finds they write articles and make small showcases based on a whimsical themes, or just colors that look rad together. They also offer very affordable advertising.

I just found out about this super helpful site via my 1000 Markets shop when Lumina Jewelry let me know that she’d written a spotlight on my alphabet prints called Small Delights and Delights for the Small

Small Delights and Delights for the Small showcase

Small Delights and Delights for the Small showcase

And now, no foolin’, I am totally in love with the cups and plate-ware of Catherine Reece of Village Clayworks now! So so cute. I’m considering the need to drink coffee from that bird mug. Thanks Lumina & found-handmade!