Are you ready for Halloween?!?

Click to watch the full 1937 cartoon, "Lonesome Ghosts".

I am! Halloween is my favorite holiday, I love love love everything about it. The beginning of fall, the spookiness, the candy, the costumes, the pagan leftovers of a past filled with spirits and harvest. Love it all.

So much so? I have one of these:

And one of these, so that I can watch Lonesome Ghosts forwards, backwards, sped up and in slow motion, over and over again. Just like when I was 4.

Happy Halloween!


New poster released: Belle & Sebastian, North American Tour poster!


Belle & Sebastian 2010 North American Tour poster, 2-color all hand screenprinted! Available now. (Click for more info or to purchase.)


ROMG!! So, OK. If you follow me on Facebook and / or Twitter, you know that just a bit back I was freaking out a tad about a poster gig…and I couldn’t help it. Could you? This is the one that made me so excited it was hard to sleep. No kidding.

Belle & Sebastian are pretty much my favoritest favorite band, and have been for well over a decade. About 14 years now. So, we’re beyond-all-reason-honored and thrilled to do Belle & Sebastian’s limited edition 2010 North American Tour poster (our 2nd poster for the lovelies from Glasgow. Here is our now-sold-out first poster for them from way back in 2006.) We hope that you like it as much as they do.

Simply put? They’re the bestest.

This start of a love letter is my all hand screenprinted poster for the fantastic Belle & Sebastian with poppy-red and midnight black hand-mixed acrylic silkscreen inks. Edition: 400 copies were sold on tour with the band and an Artist’s Edition of 100 available here, signed & numbered (by me, strawberryluna) so I will have a limited few available for sale. Size: 16×22 inches (39.4 cm x 55.9 cm.) Paper: archival Cougar, White 100lb cover weight.

This poster was sold at the North American show dates I have just a portion of the run available for sale here, so they will go quick!

Now onsale for $25 and  freshly available for purchase at my website HERE and also in my Etsy shop here.

I also want to give a giant shout out to the adorable Fiona from Banchory who was just the best! 🙂 xo ladybug! I was lucky enough to catch their Washington, DC show at the D.A.R. with my friend Laura from soulrun and it was a magical night. Eeee!

Since the edition was a tad huge for hand screenprinting as fast as possible, (that’s right, I hand screenprinted 500 posters in 2 days…) I have only a few process photos, but I hope that you dig them anyway 🙂

Check out more at my Flickr page too!

BIG HUGE stack of paper. I felt a bit like the maiden in Rumpelstiltskin…


Here we go yo! 8 inches of raw Cougar, about to become 500 Belle & Sebastian Tour posters. (Click for more info, more photos, & to see a larger view.)

Setting up the film:

Setting up the film & registration for the 1st color for Belle & Sebastian's 2010 North American Tour poster. (Click for more info, more photos, & to see a larger view.)

Here is the first color printed, it went fairly smoothly.


1st color printed on my Belle & Sebastian 2010 North American Tour Poster. (Click for more info, more photos, & to see a larger view.)


All done! This is the first pull on the last color, with only 499 to go…

Hand screenprinted 2-color poster for Belle & Sebastian's 2010 North American Tour. (Click for more info, more photos, & to see a larger view.)




Pneumonia slows you down…phew.

Hey gang!

Sorry that there haven’t been any updates for a couple of weeks. I do have a good backlog of new posts, new releases and fun stuff to post and things have been as busy ever here at strawberryluna HQ.

I got the pneumonia smackdown a bit back and it’s been a real bear. High fevers, trouble breathing, an ER trip, meds, the whole nine.

So, we’re here, we’re working (slowly!) and I’m taking a bit of a break for the next week or so until I feel less like a shark is attacking my lungs 🙂 This illness is no joke, dang.

What a cool vintage poster, right? So, of course I wanted to post it and share it. (Pneumonia not included.)

New posts coming soon, but until then, feel free to totz check my website for new posters & prints OK? Cheers!

New poster released: Ra Ra Riot w/ Chikita Violenta & We Barbarians

All new 2-color hand screenprinted poster for Ra Ra Riot. (Click to purchase or for more info.)

It’s a year in the making, but I’m so happy things work out the way that that do sometimes. We had originally talked with Ra Ra Riot‘s management over a year ago about working together on a poster, and here were are, October 2010 when it all came together. Huzzah!

The show was amazing, and surprising too. We arrived home from a great weekend in DC for Crafty Bastards just in time for me to edition & sign the posters for Sunday night’s Ra Ra Riot 10/2 show, gulp some homemade soup for dinner and run on down to Diesel for the show. As it turned, out, I was selling my posters behind the merch booth that evening. It was good spot to catch the amazing openers We Barbarians (from California) and Chikita Violenta (hailing from Mexico City), all of whom were super rad as well. Thanks to Rachel, the bands, & everyone at the show for great night 🙂

Info about this new poster release:

Modern & looking back to the past, like thinking about living off of the backs of our ancestors. That’s a bit how Ra Ra Riot‘s awesome sound feels. We love them! And we’re super aced to do this poster for their Pittsburgh, PA show.

This is my hand screenprinted, limited edition silkscreen poster for Ra Ra Riot, Chikita Violenta & We Barbarians with poppy orange-red and midnight black hand mixed, water-based acrylic silkscreen inks. Edition of 112, signed and numbered (by me, strawberryluna). Size: 16 x22 inches (39.4 cm x 55.9 cm.) Paper: archival Cougar, White 100lb cover weight. $20 This poster is now available for sale at my website HERE or in my Etsy shop here.

And, in case you are into process photos, here are a few from the printing of this poster over at my Flickr account here.

1st color film, Ra Ra Riot hand silkscreened poster. (Click for more info & photos.)

1st color flood: Ra Ra Riot, hand silkscreen printed poster. Click for more info & photos.)

1st color detail: Ra Ra Riot silkscreened poster. Click for more info & photos.)

2nd color ink on the screen: Ra Ra Riot hand screenprinted poster process. (Click for more info & photos.)

Detail of the birds, gears, and overprinted black ink on my Ra Ra Riot poster. (Click for more info & photos.)

How Ink Is Made, a beautiful short film on The Printing Ink process.

The making of Process Yellow ink at the Printing Ink Company. Click to see the movie at Youtube.

I came across this short piece  by Ian Daffern & Tate Young on the ink-making process by The Printing Ink Company via my design & teacher e-friend Denny Schmickle and just love it. Beautifully shot, it’s a cool peek into the work and craftsmanship that goes into the process of making printing inks. Although these are not water-based acrylic inks like I use in my prints, the same basic principals apply for both types of inks and this type of oil-based ink is the standard for most every type of printed material that we see in our daily lives.

Testing colors & mixability at the Printing Ink Company. Click to see the movie at Youtube.

There is something always amazing and somewhat nostalgic to me about the craftsmanship, attention to detail and virtually unchanged technology of printmaking in most of it’s current forms that I adore. It truly is what it is. And this applies even to the materials that are used in printmaking as well, such as inks.

Smoothing out Process Yellow inks at the Printing Ink Company. Click to see the movie at Youtube.

The Printing Ink Company is a family-owned business was founded in 1973 by Mr. William Welfare. A small company with only three employees, including Mr. Welfare, and an operating facility of just 250 square feet, we manufactured and sold press room chemistry and supplies. In 1977 they started making printing ink. At that time we had 5 employees and about 4000 square feet of space. The Printing Ink Company‘s growth has continued since then, and their current facility is 24,500 square feet with 19 employees.

An introduction to The Printing Ink Company, makers of lithographic ink based in Vaughn, Ontario. The passion and the science of the four colour process are presented by Peter Welfare, president and head inkmaker.

Find out more about The Printing Ink Company by clicking here.

Cans of Pantone matched Orange inks at the Printing Ink Company. Click to see the movie at Youtube.