Vintage Christmas Cards

The imagery for Christmas cards might seem like a given these days, simple  & bold graphics, perhaps tending towards the nearly unidentifiable winter or generic holiday look. Don’t get me wrong, I love a pure graphic approach to a card. But there is something very engaging and fun about vintage and old-fashioned Christmas cards that really gets my attention.

From the traditional Victorian look:



To the very sweet and peaceful 1940’s style, such a contrast to the reality of that era. Don’t you want to live in that little snowy village?:

Dont you want to live there?

And the flowing, natural yet stylized Arts & Crafts-centric 1920s look of this beauty:




Dashing glamour, sweeping elegance and the highest of hopes translated into a party scene:


 And yet, so many cards were not as soft, sweet or traditional, unlike so much of today’s Christmas cheer fare as edited and produced by (perhaps overly) PC and inoffensive greeting card companies. Prime examples of a more ironic, or bitter take on the Season:



And the of course, there is Margaret Keene (you thought it was Walter, didn’t you!) being a little creepy for Christmas:


There was even a time when Christmas celebrations were outlawed in Boston, MA the Protestant heyday. Bah Humbug!

For more vintage Christmas goodness, check out these Flickr pages and groups:  Vintage Christmas: 1945-1970, profkaren’s set  Vintage Greeting Cards and a lovely assortment in sakameg’s Flickr account.

While this isn’t a card, this WPA poster is just the tops.


Works Progress Administration poster for The Federal Youth Theater's Christmas Carol production.

Works Progress Administration poster for The Federal Theater for Youth’s Christmas Carol production.

The Dandy Warhols, new poster released!

Yeah, what is UP!

I just released a new poster for a great new band called The Dandy Warhols, perhaps you’ve heard of them? Just kiddin’, goofus. They’ve been around the block and back, consistently putting out good solid psych-pop, which I love. I’m pleased as piked punch to have done a poster for The Dandys Bournemouth UK show with the lovely  Fabienne Delsol  through the Richard Goodall Gallery as a part of their European tour series.

2-color hand screenprinted poster for The Dandy Warhols in Bournemouth UK

2-color hand screenprinted poster for The Dandy Warhols in Bournemouth UK

This poster is all hand screenprinted by me, 2-colors on acid-free & archival Cougar White, 100lb heavy cover stock. Available now at my website, or my Etsy store. 

Also, I HIGHLY recommend  Ondi Timoner’s rock-documentary DiG! if you’ve never seen it, heard of it, or have seen it half a dozen times (like me) or more. Super intense and amazingly entertaining and Sundance Grand Jury Prize award winning  look at not just two bands’ symbiotic  and tumultuous relationships’ to each other, but the touring and creative life in general. Hilarious, freaky & groovy, sex, drugs, death threats and fashion – basically everything you want rock music to be. Check it!

Super fun Year End Exhibition Art Show at AIR


AIR community print studios.

AIR community print studios: 518 Foreland St. Pgh. PA - 412-321-8664.

Ooooooh yeah! This one is going to be a rad fun time. It’s experimental, and if you know anyone from the AIR studios (Artists Image Resource, where I print) then you know this is going to be a funfest. 

What: The AIR Annual Staff & Volunteer  Art Show, Party & Exhibition. Over 32 artists’ current work will be on view ranging from print, sculpture, painting, photography, sound and video installation.

When: Saturday December 13, 2008 from 7:00pm –11:00pm

Where: AIR, Artists Image Resource, 518 Foreland St. Pittsburgh, PA 412-321-9664, on Pittsburgh’s historic North Side.

More What: Fresh music, fresh food,  a fresh new exhibition of experimentally focused pieces created just for this show by the AIR staff & volunteers, an Open House. It takes a village to run a community arts co-operative and members of this tribe are showing off their hot stuff on Saturday. And you are cordially invited!

Cool extra stuff: DJ Mary Mack, DJ Sean MC and the duo of Hoof & Beek will be spinning music throughout the evening – food and drink will be provided – admission is FREE. This event is not to be missed and we look forward to seeing you!

see works by:
matt cummings  / howard booth  /  andy english  /  ian short  /  kerry gaydos /  katyana gradler  / matt forrest  /  mary tremonte  /  hunter blackwell  /  meredith hertel  /  strawberryluna  /  jenn pascoe  /  erin foley  /  ryan emmett  /  rachel maran  /  jamie adams  /  sabrina adams  /  josh troy  /  gene marsh  /  mike hegedus  /  carolyn kelly  /  budai  /  kristine synowka  /  amos levy  /  nathan mould  /  julia kennedy  /  lizzy devita  /  tresa varner  /  bill rodgers  /  robert beckman  /  nick fredland  /  ashley brickman  /  shaun slifer

Here’s a little mock-sneak peak at my piece. Note the “mock” adjective as this is an installation yet to be installed. Digital print, with tissue paper & yarn (to be added), hung low on the wall with the pond set onto the floor. I will post photos of the finishing and installation process and post them next week. 

"Spring Spiders", 3D print mock, part 1

"Spring Spiders", 3D print mockup, part 1


"Spring Spiders" 3D print mockup, part 2.

For more information about AIR and this show or the resources available to artists through AIR please check out my home-away-from home’s website. Hope to see you at the show on Saturday!

Screens’nSpokes MS 2008 benefit print


Screens'n'Spokes benefit art print, 2-color screenprint available exclusively at SnS' Etsy store.

Screens'n'Spokes benefit art print, 2-color screenprint available exclusively at the Screens'n'Spokes Etsy store.

Multiple Sclerosis is an often debilitating disease that strikes millions around the world. It is estimated that over 400,000 Americans are currently living with the autoimmune disease. Some of our great friends at Team Screens’n’Spokes came up with a fantastic way to help raise money for the National MS Society by combining screenprinted art and the annual MS Bike Ride.

Screens’n’Spokes combined the love of bicycles, the MS Ride and their affection for all things screenprinted. They tapped their connections and friends in the scene and BOOM! Magic happened.

For the second year in a row, I was pleased to pitch in and help Screens’n’Spokes who this year were able to raise an amazing $50,000+ for the National MS Society by designing and printing this print for them. Screens’n’Spokes has an Etsy store, and that’s where my print is available exclusively for sale online.

With 2 art simultaneous shows in September  – November, lots of folks got to see  the hand screenprinted bicycle themed art from over 25 artists. Missed the shows? Check out Screens’n’Spokes Etsy shop  take a gander. Proceeds benefit the NMSS.

Can’t wait for next year!

Holiday Arts and Crafts Fair this Sunday!

Crafty fun! Super duper! 

Holiday Arts & Crafts Fair, December 7th, 2008

Holiday Arts & Crafts Fair, December 7th, 2008

The Pittsburgh Craft Collective is busy these days, putting on shows and great local events for the Pittsburgh area artisians and crafters. The Holiday Arts & Crafts Fair at the CC Mellor Library in Edgewood is just the latest offering. This holiday show is loaded with local talent. What does that mean? Crafters and artisians who live in your town and make all of their work by hand. 

Here are the official details:

What: Holiday Arts & Crafts Show

When: December 7th from 11am to 5pm

Where: CC Mellor Library at 1 Penwood Place, in Edgewood, conveniently located just off the Parkway East and easily accessible from Shadyside, Squirrel Hill, Edgewood, Wilkinsburg, Forest Hills, and all points Pittsburgh!

Click here to download the official flyer for the show.

Buying local, and buying handmade for the holidays is a fantastic way to affect your world, at the community level. And, the event doubles as a fund-raiser to benefit the historic community library. Win-win for the civic minded and arts and crafts lovers alike!

Dirty Dozen Interview on Poster Rocket. ZOOOOOOM!


Six in one...

Six in one...

Shazam! I done got interviewed Ma!

The poster art and design blog Poster Rocket just published a Dirty Dozen interview with me, and it’s sure to answer all of your burning questions about strawberryluna. Well, maybe not all of them. But some of the biggies are covered, most definitely. Secrets about my early formative years as a writer, how I never planned on being a printmaker and poster designer, and what deceased musicians would best love to do a poster for, in an alternate universe are all revealed.

The Dirty Dozen is Poster Rocket’s choice of 12 posters from a single artist or studio coupled with an interview. It’s a good time and be sure to check out the Poster Rocket site for past installments as well as the bevy of rock poster hotness featured every day. Or, be brave and submit your own (legit!) posters for review.

Half dozen in the other.

Half dozen in the other.

Peacock Feathereyes, new art print released!


Peacock Feathereyes, 2 color, hand pulled screenprint

Peacock Feathereyes, 2 color, hand pulled screenprint

Fresh off the presses at AIR. This is my newest art print, Peacock Feathereyes. Hedonism at its best. Alluring, elegant, or spooky as all get out? You decide.

This watchful crowd of a print is a 2- color, all hand printed screenprint, with peacock blue and black inks. Edition of only 40. Size: 16w x 22h inches. Paper: acid-free & archival Cougar 100 lb White, cover weight. Available now at my website and in my Etsy shop

I’m watching you.

Free Holiday Shipping in my Etsy shop & website!


Free Holiday Shipping

Yup! That’s right. As a holiday thanks to everyone, I’m offering free shipping on all US & Canadian bound orders until midnight /11:59 pm EST on December 15th, 2008 on all purchases made through my Etsy shop. and via my website too!*

* For US & Canadian bound purchases made through my website, please enter the code: “freeship08” and I will refund your shipping as soon as I see your order. It’s that’s simple!

Stock up on goodies for friends, family, and hey if you find something for you I won’t tell. This offer is good for purchases made through my Etsy shop & my website (with use of the above shipping code) on anything that you see there like my hand screenprinted rock posters, or my fresh crop of art prints, women’s and men’s (or unisex) tshirts, and alphabet prints. All made by hand the old fashioned way. There’s even a new sale section in my Etsy shop (only) where I’ll be rotating the stock through with weekly specials. All shipped right to your door, for free to all US & Canadian destinations!

Drop by, see what’s new and don’t forget to support the DIY arts & crafts movement and shop handmade this season. Cheers! 

Happy Holidays!