Doodle time


mice playing ball

mice playing ball

Continuing a “why not?” approach to working on small things in between other commissioned, rock poster, and other assorted “for a reason” sort of work, I’m trying to make quick time for doodles and sketches. I give myself a set amount of time and see what I can come up with. So, they are imperfect and flawed, unfinished. (Hint, look at the tails…)

Today’s is 3 mice, playing ball. Like the do. When you’re not watching. Against an old scanned zipatone background. Could be the basis for a future art print. Who knows!

2 thoughts on “Doodle time

  1. Hi there! Followed you here from your Spoonflower page. Love these sweet mice–and I have bookmarked your awesome Alphabet prints for some upcoming baby gifts.

    I had a job running a 6-color manual screen printing press in college. Probably the best job I ever had–you’re so lucky to be doing that for a living. So nice that you are making such swell stuff, to boot!


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