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Click on it! Go to today!

Click on it! Go to today! is just about the best website one the entire internets. I know, I’ve looked at almost every site out there. (No, really…) Not only is my home away from home, the reason that I do what I do for a living as a rock poster artist, it’s also the most comprehensive and amazing resource for art, design, bands, artists, wise-acres, designers, and people who just love lively conversation and dig art. Straight up.

And, needs your help. Desperately. With over 107,000 thousand posters currently (and literally growing every day) for over 98,000 bands this incredible website takes a good amount of time and maintenance to keep running smoothly. And that means money honey. So, this is my  personal drive for support and plea for anyone who is already familiar with this kickass site, or to anyone who is perhaps just becoming aware of it now, and sees how rad it it from this link to here.

If you love posters, screenprinting, design, kittens, bacon, cheese, intelligent wit, music, bands, and love and/or are a currently working designer, artist, or illustrator, this site is for you. Help support one of the most innovative and cool websites that gave every single working poster artist today a chance to grow and shine. We could never have done it without

Ways to help include becoming a Premium Member (with rad benefits), buying the new and fantastic Gigposters Book Vol. 1 (complete with exclusive prints by the wonderful Jay Ryan), buying merch or making a donation, no matter how small.

Look! I made it easy for you!  

This might be the coolest book ever.

This might be the coolest book ever.

Jay Ryan exclusive Gig Posters Book print 1

Jay Ryan exclusive GP Book print 2

Jay Ryan exclusive Gig Posters Book print 2

Jay Ryan exclusive Gig Posters Book print 3

And tons of other really cool and fun stuff, like colorings book with illustrations by over 40 underground artists, (Vol. 2 pictured below) 3 delicious volumes of playing cards with a different gig poster designer doing art for each card (also pictured below), a pin up calendar (hubba hubba!), t-shirts, hats, hoodies,  mouse pads and more. Coloring book Vol. 2 (Vol. 1 is also still available.) exclusive Card Deck # 3, uncut sheet art. exclusive Card Deck # 3, uncut sheet art.

And so much more. Please visit today and check out the super cool Merch section, and consider making a donation to this amazing, excellent and vibrant website that supports SO much of the art and design you love. Feel free to pass this information along or post to your own blog. Every bit helps!

2 thoughts on “ is awesome, and needs your help!

  1. i love the website and get stuck glued to my screen for hours searching it, but i don’t understand it quite. Is it for purchasing the posters or only for viewing? i’ve been going crazy trying to figure it out!

    • yay! it’s such an awesome site, in large part because it is so multi-dimensional. it’s for both searching/looking at posters, uploading them so that is a repository ofr posters and flyers from all over the world, and for selling (there are classifieds where artists have items for sale), and for finding artists – many bands use Gigposters to find new talent for their posters, CD packaging, and merch work, as well as networking for the designers, bands, artists, and general public as well. the forums are incredible there, from technical advice and help to banter, they are some of the liveliest and smart ones going.

      because it is such a large and multi-facted site, it can take awhile to get used to what information is where, but it’s all there! you can even find the different artists and designers web sites and emails by clicking the small mail envelope or house icons next to their names, which appear on each poster’s page when you click on a thumbnail.

      i hope that helps!

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