New puppy released, introducing: Sprite!


Since we lost our best guy Jettson in early September it’s been a too quiet household here. We definitely started looking for a new 4-pawed friend about 2 weeks ago. Amazingly, we found this little bag of donuts at a fabulous local shelter ย called Animal Friends here in Pittsburgh, PA and took her home this past Saturday. Meet Sprite! / Squee(gee) / Tank. 2 year-old Boston Terrier-Jack Russell mix. Fully housebroken and 125% sweetpea snuggler.

Here is a video of the spazz out all dogs do in the meet’n’greet room the night that we first met her. She was so sweet and funny with bat ears for days (click this link!)

We walked her around outside the shelter to get her some fresh air. I’m pretty sure Sprite!ย just thought we were random volunteers taking her for a walk. But then, when she hopped in the car, she busted out this huge smile:

And then fell asleep in my lap while Craig drove us all home:

Sprite! (yes, the ! is a part of her name’s spelling) is settling in well. She has since defeated The Candy Corn:

And moved onto The Carrot:

Thanks for reading and meeting Sprite!

Please always consider adopting a new pet rather than buying one. Many cats, dogs, bunnies, and other pets from pet stores DO NOT come from reputable breeders. Please don’t support irresponsible breeding and abuse of animals. And now more than ever, there are literally millions of fantastic, ready-to-go-home-with-you pets in shelters all over the country. Breed specific rescue groups are also a fantastic way to find a new best friend too.

For more information and resources nationally and in your area, check out these links below:

The American Human Association (US)

The Humane Society (US)

The SPCA (International)


Best Friends Animal Society

And as one of pets’ best friends in the US ever, Bob Barker, always closed The Price Is Right with these important words: “Please always spay & neuter your pets.”

13 thoughts on “New puppy released, introducing: Sprite!

  1. I’m so in love! What a face! My 10 y/o daughter just started her volunteer stint at the Berkeley Animal Shelter and we’re just about cross-eyed with love for all the doggies. I’m certain that we’ll be adding one to our brood very soon. We just got 6 chicks so I need to get them feathered up and into the outdoor coop before we adopt a dog. Oh the darling creatures!

  2. I would say thanks so much everyone for the comments on Sprite! but, I had nothing to do with how friggin’ cute she is. ๐Ÿ™‚

    She is such a lovebug and totally perfect. Anyone thinking of adopting from a shelter should! I’ve never gotten a dud. Every dog just wants to fit into your life and your home and your heart.

    I love that you guys are all down with the shelter and rescues too!

  3. I love this post!! I’m so happy that you found Sprite, it was meant to be, she is the sweetest girl ever! I can’t wait for more awesome hikes in the park with Sprite and Zeus. ๐Ÿ™‚

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