Superbowl 43! Err, XLIII

Yup. Chicks dig the Superbowl too.

Especially when you’re a chick in Pittsburgh. It’s the water here. No offense, Cardinals, but we really want this one. We need to bring home the Six Pack. Blitz for the Six. Win one for the Other Thumb. We win & we  set the standing NFL record for the winningest team in history.

For a town that was on the brink of collapse just a few decades ago, The Pittsburgh Steelers are a symbol of endurance and perseverance. Triumph over  adversity and plain all around awesome to have in the city. In this city there is no room for pretense or high-falutin’ anything. Even without the steel mills that built not only this city, but much of the country, this town is nothing but honest and practical. There is something super cool about Pittsburgh that way and it’s a part of the Steelers as a team too. Owned by the Rooney family since 1933, there is no need for showboating or cheerleaders for the team. Just straight, old-fashioned, tough and technically thrilling football. 

Whether or not that is a chunk of what draws people from every possible demographic and cross-demographic to be crazy insane hardcore Steeler fans? I dunno. All I do know is that from the oldest Grandmas to the tiniest little emo-boys, there’s gonna be a lot of screaming at TVs tonight and a lot of hoarse, blown out voices tomorrow. Chicks & dudes all.


The Pittsburgh Polka

Polamalu song

The Pop Rocks rockin’ it

And, because he is my favorite player to watch, ever Hines Ward two way. Hightlights and the famous one shoe touchdown catch.  Ninja!