New art prints released: Naptime & I Love My Books!

New 3 color hand silkscreened art print, "Naptime". (click to purchase or for more info.)

For a while now I’ve been wanting to try a new layout, a square one, and one that would fit right into an LP record frame. Well, that time has come.

It’s “Naptime”. We all get sleepy snuggly sometimes, and even natural-born enemies can be the best of friends. You just gotta let your softer side rule.

“Naptime” is the first print in that size and layout. From an illustration that I did a few weeks ago while hanging out on a lazy Sunday afternoon off, while we were totally being summer tv heads. Probably we were watching some cooking shows, or Holmes On Holmes (my new obsession) or such like television.

Anyhoo, I also decided rather than waste paper or have a weirdly shaped cast off, as the 12×12 inch size is smaller than my normal print & paper size, that I would run a smaller print at the same, 2-up. (2-up means printing 2 or more designs on the same page at the same time, cutting them down and apart after printing.) So, I did an ode to books for the secondary smaller design, as below, called “I Love My Books”. ‘Cause I do.

New 3-color (with overprints) mini art print, "I Love My Books", hand screenprinted. (click ot purchase or for more info.)

All sunny and warm, just like this summer. Both “Naptime” and  “I Love My Books” prints are now available at my website here and also in my Etsy shop here. And, for some process photographs of the hand screenprinting process, take a look below. Click on any image below to see more & get more info at my Flickr account too.

1st color, printed. (click to see a larger image, more images or for more info.)

2nd color screen taping & prep. (click to see a larger image, more images or for more info.)

Closeup of "I Love My Books" 3-color hand silkscreened art print.

Closeup of "Naptime", 3 color hand screenprinted art print.

The Cat House On The Kings: kitty sanctuary from heaven

Absolute kitty-cat heaven exists!

And it’s called “The Cat House On The Kings” , located in Parlier, California, the  amazing Cat House On The Kings is a no-kill, and (more amazingly) no cage, fully free-roam cat rescue, shelter, sanctuary, and adoption facility.

Think that it sounds incredible? Check out this lovely short video below about the place and its owner Lynea Lattanzio made by Jack Perez. Since 1997, twelve acres of beautiful indoor and outdoor space has housed over 18,000 cats and over 5,00o dogs while helping to find as many of them forever homes as possible. For animals that cannot be placed, The Cat House On The Kings will become their permanent homes.

The Cat House On The Kings on donations of money and supplies, sponsors, and volunteers, and they are always looking for new ways to help raise the funds needed to keep this special and successful animal shelter, in the truest sense of the word, going strong. Spread the word!

To learn more about The Cat House On The Kings and to make a donation or contribution visit them here.