Signed & Sold out Spoon poster up for grabs at Rock For Kids auction!

So, here is a cool thing that you might not know about. It’s called Rock For Kids, headquartered in Chicago, IL. They are a really wonderful organization that I work with by donating posters throughout the year, and they in turn have the bands sign them and put them up for fund-raising auctions to help fund their incredible year-round musical education programming. A little more about them from their website:

Rock For Kids is a non-profit organization that provides support, hope, inspiration and assistance to underserved children and teens. Realizing that music can be a positive motivator in a young person’s life, Rock For Kids provides free year-round music education for children in need. Rock For Kids positively impacts and celebrates young lives by offering access to safe and constructive learning experiences through which children may challenge themselves, build self-esteem and explore their own creative potential. Rock For Kids provides programs that cause children to feel encouraged, supported and valued. We believe that all children should have access to music education and be given the chance to explore their own creative potential in a safe environment. We feel no child’s future should be compromised academically, socially or emotionally simply because of economic disparity. Rock For Kids believes it is critical that all children experience kindness, security, compassion, personal success and individual creativity, as the smallest of these may inspire the course of a life.

OK! Hey now!  So, Rock For Kids is  having their 21st Annual Rock’n’Roll Auction on 12/4/09 in Chicago, IL at 7pm (VIP reception at 6pm) and there are tons of great items up for auction.

“Oh really, like what?” you may ask. Well, for starters this lovely signed-by-the-band copy, totally sold out copy of my 3rd Spoon poster is up for auction at the Rock For Kids website to help raise funds for their awesome work.

If you are interested, please bid! If you know someone who is a fan and would dig this, please pass it on. Help kids and save music too.