Re-post from 8 Hour Day “Girls Just Want To Have Fun”

Yep, this is a full re-post of what I think is a great, important, and should be seen by anyone interested in design type of blog post. I think that Katie Kirk, one half of the lovely couple behing the design studio 8 Hour Day said it best, so I’m just spreading her words and images below.

So awesome to see some of the best women designers and illustrators out there too, friends, peers, and new to me talents who kick ass in this field every day.

*Please note – The below is a post originally written and collected by Katie Kirk of 8 Hour Day, not myself, so if you dig, also go over there and check them out, comment there too and support them as well. Cheers all!

There’s been a lot of discussion happening around a recent Good Magazine article entitled “Why We Can’t Let Design Become a Boys’ Club” by Dylan Lathrop. It has spawned numerous comments, opinions,counter arguments and retorts from all sides. Many of us feel strongly about this, and it’s definitely a subject with many shades of gray. Though we may not all agree on the matter, I think the fact that it’s being discussed at all is great. After reading through all the articles and all the commentary, I felt compelled to showcase some of the women that continue to inspire me. So here are some of my favorites–thanks for the inspiration, ladies!

Aimee Gauthier

Allegra Lockstadt

Allison Newhouse

Anchalee Chambundabongse

Angie Lewin

Anke Weckmann

Annette Marnat

Anne Ulku

Autumn Whitehurst

Celeste Prevost

Danielle Davis

Deanna Halsall

Eleanor Grosch

Elsa Lang 
(Always With Honor)

Erin Fuller

Esther Aarts

Gemma Correll

Gina Triplett

Gracia Lam

Helen Dardik

Jacqui Oakley

Janine Rewell

Jennifer Daniel

Jenny Bowers

Jessica Hische

Jessica Walsh

Jillian Tamaki

Julia Rothman

Karen Goheen 
(Two Arms)

Kate Bingaman-Burt

Kelli Anderson

Kelly Munson

Kristina Collantes

Lauren Gregg

Laurie DeMartino

Lotta Nieminen

Lydia Nichols

Maria Janosko


Meg Hunt

Melissa Buchanan 
(The Little Friends of Printmaking)

Missy Austin

Natalie Schaefer

Parliament of Owls
 (Meg Paradise, Lauren Sheldon & Ariana Dilibero)

Ping Zoo

Roxanne Daner

Sanna Annukka

Sarah Labieniec

Sara Lintner

Sol Linero

Susie Ghahreman

Tonya Douraghy

Tuesday Bassen

Valerie Jar

Veronica Corzo-Duchardt 

Sharon Werner & Sarah Forss 
(Werner Design Works)