Over & Over, Mike Perry strikes again

Mike Perrys book, Over & Over

Mike Perry's book, Over & Over

As if there was any doubt he would, though. Right? 

You may recall that I blogged about the fantastically fun and rad illustrator and hand-drawn-type champion Mike Perry previously last October here when I’d finally started reading his first book Hand Job. Which, I immediately fell in love with. I’m talking within the first paragraph of the introduction. And now I’m encouraging you to check out his most recent book, Over  & Over: A Catalog of Hand-Drawn Patterns. 

Both books embrace the comparative unevenness, fallibility, and beautiful imperfections of drawing things like type and patterns by hand that we all too often just turn over to digital generation-mediums. For me, being a straight-up design nerd, textile design geek and general adorer of pattern and repetition as well as lovely awkwardness, this book is the jimmy AND the jam.

Bree Harrisons work in Over & Over

Bree Harrison's work in Over & Over

Featuring his own work, as well as that of over 50 illustrators and designers, it’s chock fulla awesome. You can buy Over & Over directly from Perry’s website as well as find Hand Job and a million other cool projects, shirts, prints, and radness. Or you can find them both at Amazon (of course) right here and here.

Yoko Shimizu's work in Over & Over

Yoko Shimizu's work in Over & Over

Hand Job, it’s a BOOK.

Silly. And it is super rad. I might be a little late to the party, but who cares? This book Hand Job, A Catalog of Type is fantastic. 

Author Mike Perry’s enthusiasm in presenting a stunning array of working designers’ hand-drawn type and brief overviews of those same folks work is absolutely contagious. I am obsessed with this book right now and it inspired me to spend an afternoon drawing, doodling and brainstorming at a coffee shop like the dork I am. Happily I had over ten drawings and a big set of fresh ideas for new prints and design solutions.

Chock full of awesome.