Stunning animation: Maurice Gee’s “Going West”, by Andersen M Studio

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So, here is a really cool animation that I found through my friend Standard Design’s Twitter feed today (Tom Pappalardo) and I’m just unable to stop watching it.

It’s from an outfit called The New Zealand Book Council, a not-for-profit organization that serves to promote more reading, foster a love of  books and promote New Zealand authors. I think it’s just completely riveting, beautiful, eerie, and downright superb.

(click to view the animation)

Paper cutting, stop-motion, and plain old lighting are 10,000x more mysterious and lovely looking than computer-generated work. As a fan of very old Disney (just about only the old stuff) and more so Warner Bros. classic Looney Tunes work, I’ve said it a million times before and I’ll probably be saying it in my grave.

(click to view the animation)

This piece, “Going West” is based on a novel by New Zealand author Maurice Gee. Produced for The New Zealand Book Council by the Andersen M Studio in London (a multi-talented brother & sister duo), the aim is clear as the NZBC’s motto at the end of the animation suggestion, to bring books to life. This piece is a stunner in that attempt.

(click to view the animation)

The NZBC’s mission statement reads: “Bringing books and people together. Like no other human activity reading opens up our imagination. It enables us to understand those around us. It allows us to project the future and reach back into the past. Reading can entertain, challenge and educate. We believe that reading can transform people’s lives.”

Having never heard of Maurice Gee, I can assure all that I will be seeking out his work based purely on the animation done here from his novel “Going West”, so it appears that their aims have worked a bit already. And, I’m now a HUGE fan of the Andersen M Studio, who’s range of work runs from animated pieces (as evidenced here) to commercial photography, music-making, and music packaging to book design. Perhaps I’ve found new heroes.

To learn more about the novel “Going West” click here.

To learn more about Maurice Gee, click here.

To learn more about Andersen M Studio, click here.

To learn more about The New Zealand Book Council & it’s projects, click here.

(click to view the animation)

Book Light for Book nerds

Super cool hanging Book Light by Studio MS. (Click for more info.)

Ooooh neato. I love these very cool and yes, clever Book Lights designed by UK design outfit Studio MS. Am I a nerd? Yes, for design and for bookish things, so naturally these lovely lights are right up my alley.

Neat desk or end table Book Light by Studio MS. (click for more info.)

Constructed of leather (just like an old classic hard-bound classic), paper, PVC and cotton, these lights are really appealing and give off a very warm and soft light. There is something very sweet about these lights that feels like curling up with tea and settling in for a good long read. I love it.

So pretty! Book Lights by Studio MS. (click for more info.)

Visit the UK-based Studio MS for ordering and more information. Happy reading!


The Year of Readers, I’m doing it.

strawberryluna's Year of Reading profile at

I love to read, always have and always will. My bookshelves in multiple rooms are overflowing, and that includes my “to read” pile.

Handily enough, I came across The Year of Readers blog and wanted to join forces, as, I won’t lie, I am going to be reading in 2009 anyway. And maybe, just maybe? This will get me reading more and a bit faster. Again, I won’t lie, I’ve been a slow bookworm of late. The Year Of Readers is a sponsorship idea where readers join up and/or get sponsorship from folks for reading books from January 1st 2009 – December 31st 2009. Donations can be made per book read, or as a simple denomination can be donated, your choice!

So! For strawberryluna’s Year Of Reading 2009 my literary charity is the children’s literacy non-profit: Reading Is Fundamental or, as you may remember from childhood, RIF! I will be keeping a journal of my readings and the progress on fund-raising efforts for RIF during all of 2009 on my blog here, so keep up. 

I’ve also chosen the organization to process all donations, as they already work with RIF, so any donation made goes directly to RIF. Easy Peasy!

All donations will be greatly appreciated. Please help promote reading and literacy in kids and sponsor me. Start reading with us today!