Saul Bass Short Film: Why Man Creates

Here’s something great that you might enjoy as much as we do. In 1968 Saul Bass, the already legendary designer, created & co-wrote the short experimental film Why Man Creates with screenwriter Mayo Simon. Simon, most well-known for writing Futureworld isn’t the only Hollywood credit on this short – the young George Lucas was enlisted as a 2nd unit director as well.

Why Man Creates (posted recently on Fast Company’s site) is a wonderful snapshot of the extraordinarily playful + intensely serious thinking about Design (with a capital D) and intellectual thought so much a core foundation of Mid-Century American culture. There is no pandering to the audience, there is just fast-moving play & rhetoric mixed into one dense, small chunk of time and space planted quite firmly in a New York / East Coast vibe. We love it!

Bass’ description of the creative process that guided his career:

“Where do ideas come from? From looking at one thing, and seeing another. From fooling around, from playing with possibilities, from speculating, from changing, pushing, pulling, transforming, and if you’re lucky, you come up with something worth saving, using, and building on. That’s where the game stops and the work begins.”

Sounds just about perfectly true. We hope that you enjoy!

(Read more about the truly amazing Saul Bass here on his AIGA Medal induction page and also here on Wikipedia.)

Up There: Hand painted advertisments, alive and beautiful.

This 12+ minute documentary speaks for itself. So, just take a break and watch sign & advertisement painters work the old fashioned way. Total badasses.

Click the above to watch Malcolm Murray’s absolutely cool and beautiful short film Up There and follow the tough & crazy talented painters of  Sky High Murals work on a new, hand painted ad in NYC for Stella Artois. If you have a love for design, all things hand done, the past, present. & future all balled up into one, or frankly, if you have eyeballs, you’ll dig this. Fully.
Click any of the images below to learn more about Up There.