Snow Day!

Jett running in the snow.

Jett running in the snow.

Well, ok. Just about every day this week has been a snow, ice, slush, sleet day, in all truth. But today was that perfect and beautiful light & fluffy-wuffy lofting snow day. And, although I shoveled snow for at least the 9th time this week at the time of writing this, (including helping out some neighbors dig out), it was a lovely & welcome snow day today.

Our dog Jett, who usually hates all things cold weather related, was uncharacteristically enthusiastic and puppy-like in the snow. He pranced and pounced while I shoveled and took photographs of the neighborhood in the snow. Until he got too cold and hid under a giant juniper bush.

Pitbulls, are they really so tough? 

Jettsons icy whiskers, cold & hiding.

Jett's icy whiskers, cold & hiding.

Beautiful snow day, 2009.

3 thoughts on “Snow Day!

  1. Um OMG these photos are the best! I love me some Jettson.

    Derby will only go into the snow because she loves digging and finding ice chunks to chew on. She’ll sit out there till she is absolutely shivering just to eat some ice. And she does this super rad bunny hop thing in the deep Buffalo snow when its just almost over her head.

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