Snow Day!

Jett running in the snow.

Jett running in the snow.

Well, ok. Just about every day this week has been a snow, ice, slush, sleet day, in all truth. But today was that perfect and beautiful light & fluffy-wuffy lofting snow day. And, although I shoveled snow for at least the 9th time this week at the time of writing this, (including helping out some neighbors dig out), it was a lovely & welcome snow day today.

Our dog Jett, who usually hates all things cold weather related, was uncharacteristically enthusiastic and puppy-like in the snow. He pranced and pounced while I shoveled and took photographs of the neighborhood in the snow. Until he got too cold and hid under a giant juniper bush.

Pitbulls, are they really so tough? 

Jettsons icy whiskers, cold & hiding.

Jett's icy whiskers, cold & hiding.

Beautiful snow day, 2009.