New art print released: Summer Cardinal, the 3rd 2010 Seasons Print

4 color, all hand screenprinted art print "Summer Cardinal". (click for more info or to purchase)

Huzzah! It’s summer, fully. The 2nd of 3 new releases today, this is my Summer Cardinal art print. And I have to be honest, it’s been done printed, cut, and ready to fly home since the first day of summer. Mea culpa on the slow to blog it here (in)action.

But, summer is all about being laid back right? Right. Sweet.

Quick story about this print. It was originally designed as a 5-color print, with a transparent metallic gold ink as the last layer. Somehow in my head, rather than expecting the metallic gold to work as a true transparent ink and blend with the pink base/1st color to make a new color (in this case, a peachy coral), I thought that it would sit on top. Essentially making a misty soft metallic gold overlay all subtly sparkly.

Yeah….no. Nope. (See last photo below.) I pulled two prints and decided to stop there, making this a 4 color print.

That’s screenprinting!

Summer Cardinal is a part of my new Seasons series. This is the seventh print in series of seasonal prints that I’ll be releasing. Ready? Here’s the mind-blowing part = there will be 4 per year. Crazy, right?

This year for the Seasons series, in 2010 I am doing things a little differently, rather than making a new image for each season, I’ve decided to follow the same bright red fellow in the same scene, across all 4 seasons. And here for Summer Cardinal, in honor of the softer, breezier and warmer life of summer, our little red fellow is enjoying the gathering sunset of a lovely night ahead in twilight pinks.

Summer Cardinal is my 4-color, all hand screenprinted art print with tender summer night pink, bark brown, scarlet red, fresh-leaf green hand mixed and non-toxic water based inks. All prints are hand signed and titled. Edition of 500. Size: 16 x22 inches (39.4 cm x 55.9 cm.) Paper: archival Cougar, White 100lb cover weight. $25.

This print is ready to fly home with you and available for purchase here at my website now!

Process shots of my hand screenprinting this print are below for you as well. Click any of the images to see more information and to see more photos from my Flickr account too.

1st color registering for my 4-color "Summer Cardinal" hand screenprinted art print. Click to see more process photos and for more info.

Just a lil guy. Click for more process photos and more info.

2nd color printed, and my printing apron, from Etsy seller Amievoltaire. Click for more process photos and more info.

The 5th color FIAL. Click for more info and more process photos.

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