ZooBorns, are you effin’ KIDDING me?

Denver Zoo's new baby sea lion, born on my birthday in June 2010. Eeeee!

Long story short, baby animals are freaking adorable.

That’s an undeniable fact friends.

And now, there is a website devoted to the wildly cutest baby animals called ZooBorns. That’s right. Wrap your head around the perfection of that name.

I met Andrew from ZooBorns when he came into my booth at the Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago this past September. And, while we talked about some of the not-so-anatomically correct aspects of an Alphabet Print of mine, we had a nice chat and he was super cool. I’m soooo happy that he gave me his card, (featuring an insanely cute baby Fenec Fox, of all things, below) because otherwise I might not have known about this website devoted to newborn baby animals born not only in zoos, but in wildlife centers and rescues around the globe.

WHAT??? Frick. So cute. A baby Fenec Fox, born at the Everland Zoo in Korea in September 2008. (Click for details.)

Omg omg omg!

And with that, here are just a tiny few of the cuties over at ZooBorns, my new obsession.

Baby ewe from the Cosley Zoo. (Click for details.)

Lookit this lumpa cute! Beluga whale mom & calf at the Shedd Aquarium. (Click for details.)

Stinkers or no, skunks are super cute. Kits at Korea's Everland Zoo. (Click for details.)

A sweet little plover chick on some serious stilts at the Lincoln Park Zoo.(Click for details.)

1-week old baby hippo being insanely adorable, from the Zoo Antwerp in June 2010. (Click for details.)

Go check ZooBorns out and get your “Squeeeeee!” on.*

*This blog is not responsible for intermittent and unpredictable squealing.

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