New print release: Going To See My Baby Yellow!

New, all hand screenprinted 6-color silkscreen art print Going To See My Baby Yellow available now! (Click for more info or to purchase.)

Spring is finally here! And to match the growing warmth and springy feel, here is a new silkscreen art print release! Going To See My Baby Yellow, a brand new colorway of my super popular art print about bicycles, love and that special glee. You know the feeling.

This hand-pulled & hand screenprinted happy day is a brand new colorway of a very popular print that I did in 2007, but in a super small edition for the Screens’n’Spokes fundraiser, now returned in fresh spring lemony yellow and soft sky-blue, just for you.

Going To See My Baby Yellow is my 6-color, all hand screen printed art print with fresh lemon yellow, bright bike red, dark grey, black and soft transparent sky-baby-blue hand-mixed and non-toxic water based silkscreen inks. And yes! The sky-baby-blue cloud breaks the margin/border just like a good cloud should, and it’s partially transparent over the white margin. Tweet! Edition of 200. Size: 16 x22 inches (39.4 cm x 55.9 cm.) Paper: no acid, archival Cougar, White 100lb cover weight.

For more information about this print, or to purchase, visit my website here or check out my Etsy shop here.

Some of the previous colorways like Baby Blue, Orange, Lavender, and Sage are now all sold out, enabling us to donate to a cause we really have close to our hearts, The National MS Society. And, a portion of the sale of each of these prints is donated to The National MS Society as well .

ZooBorns, are you effin’ KIDDING me?

Denver Zoo's new baby sea lion, born on my birthday in June 2010. Eeeee!

Long story short, baby animals are freaking adorable.

That’s an undeniable fact friends.

And now, there is a website devoted to the wildly cutest baby animals called ZooBorns. That’s right. Wrap your head around the perfection of that name.

I met Andrew from ZooBorns when he came into my booth at the Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago this past September. And, while we talked about some of the not-so-anatomically correct aspects of an Alphabet Print of mine, we had a nice chat and he was super cool. I’m soooo happy that he gave me his card, (featuring an insanely cute baby Fenec Fox, of all things, below) because otherwise I might not have known about this website devoted to newborn baby animals born not only in zoos, but in wildlife centers and rescues around the globe.

WHAT??? Frick. So cute. A baby Fenec Fox, born at the Everland Zoo in Korea in September 2008. (Click for details.)

Omg omg omg!

And with that, here are just a tiny few of the cuties over at ZooBorns, my new obsession.

Baby ewe from the Cosley Zoo. (Click for details.)

Lookit this lumpa cute! Beluga whale mom & calf at the Shedd Aquarium. (Click for details.)

Stinkers or no, skunks are super cute. Kits at Korea's Everland Zoo. (Click for details.)

A sweet little plover chick on some serious stilts at the Lincoln Park Zoo.(Click for details.)

1-week old baby hippo being insanely adorable, from the Zoo Antwerp in June 2010. (Click for details.)

Go check ZooBorns out and get your “Squeeeeee!” on.*

*This blog is not responsible for intermittent and unpredictable squealing.

Waaaay too cute PuppyCam!

Oh my GOODNESS. These photos are quick screencaps that I took this afternoon of my new favorite thing ever. Yes, you may already be aware of the PuppyCam. Yes, I have been watching them for well over a week now. Straight.

Shiba Inu pups tearing it up  
Shiba Inu pups tearing it up.

These crazy cute puppies are Shiba Inus, an ancient Japanese hunting breed. They are the first litter for a Shiba Inu named Kika, and they will turn just 6 weeks old tomorrow, on November 18th, 2008 and yes, all of the pups are spoken for and not for sale. Each puppy sports a different colored collar and there are (perfectly, adorably) 3 girls and 3 boys. I mean, come on! They are on a live, 24-hour a day, 7 day a week live stream via the immensely popular live stream site UstreamTV which was initially popularized by US soldiers in the Iraq war as way to talk with their loved ones live. 

Puppy Cam cuteness is infinite.

Puppy Cam cuteness is infinite.

The site features live sound as well, so if you are at all like me and leave a small window up at all times, be prepared to hear shrieks, yelps, cries, howls (yes!) and even the voices of the pups’ anonymous owners as they all go about their day. Their sudden freakouts have scared the heck out of me a few times, and I won’t lie. Sometimes they sound like rabid monkeys. But I can’t stay mad at them, daaawwwwwwwww. You can also catch their momma in the pen to let them nurse a few times a day, and often they are wrasslin’ with each other and their myriad of toys. But I tell ya, those little fatties are lazy! They sleep so much and play so hard. Love those lil fuzzies. 

Roly poly cutness

Roly poly cutness

Check it out, they won’t be puppies for long.