Dreaming of Cougar Paper & Domtar with strawberryluna

Detail of Domtar & Cougar Paper's new campaign "Dream" featuring strawberryluna!

Detail of Domtar & Cougar Paper’s new campaign “Dream” featuring strawberryluna!

Introducing part of a project that we’ve been dying to share! Lil ol’ strawberryluna was selected by Domtar, the makers of our beloved workhorse Cougar Paper which we use almost exclusively for our silkscreen prints & posters, to be featured in a year-long ad campaign for Cougar throughout 2013.

"Dream" promotion of Cougar Paper by Domtar, featuring strawberryluna.

“Dream” promotion of Cougar Paper by Domtar, featuring strawberryluna.

The ads will be featured in design magazines like HOW Design, Communications Arts, Print, Applied Arts, Graphic Design USA, Printing Impressions, Design Edge, CANVAS and more in 2013. We’re beyond bowled over and thrilled to be partnered with our favorite paper, Cougar this year.

We’ve been using Cougar Paper and talking about this paper’s virtues for years, both in our silkscreen printmaking work and in more commercial printing projects. Domtar and Cougar are internationally recognized for their commitment to environmentally sound and sustainable practices. And Cougar specifically is an acid-free, archival and certified ecologically responsible paper. So what’s not to love? That’s what we think.

To that end, here’s an interview we did recently with the new Cougar Paper Community site.

Photo courtesy of Joey Kennedy.

Photo courtesy of Joey Kennedy.

The new Cougar Paper Community site is a new space where designers and artists join the community to interact and submit example pieces utilizing Cougar Paper, request samples, take part in promos and more.

Yay for Cougar making our prints and posters bright!

Hello California Part 1: San Francisco Renegade Craft Fair!

California Dreamin’ is our theme this July.

The amazing Renegade Craft Fair California Double-Whammy is happening with 2 huge, incredible craft fairs that bring the best in handmade, handcrafted artists and indie crafters to two cities: San Francisco on 7/21-7/22 and Los Angeles on 7/28-7/29. We are so excited and thrilled to be a part of these 2 amazing craft fairs, back-to-back weekends in NoCal & SoCal!

San Francisco Renegade here we come! Held at the incredibly cool Fort Mason Festival Pavilion, extending out into the beautiful Bay with spectacular views. SF Renegade is unlike any other show all year long. Come check us out at Booth # 215 on your left on the long wall.  We will have TONS of new prints and posters, as well and other goodies debuting in San Francisco. We’ll be vending and talking with lots of new and old friends along with over 250 wicked talented artists. Renegade San Francisco is not to be missed! Visit the awesome lists of artists here.

Renegade Craft Fair San Francisco is always free to attend and full of super cool art, craft, lots of hands-on creative workshops by the Urban Craft Center, The Museum of Craft & Design, Creative Bug & Peebeo.  Music by great SF DJs, tasty treats provided by SF favorites Tante’s, Neeto’s Cafe, Patti Wagon, and Rice, Paper, Scissors! and yes, plenty of adult beverages! And you can’t forget to get your photobooth photo at the free  photobooth courtesy of Magnolia Photobooth Co. Design gurus from Handful of Salt will help attendees explore the craft of modern design while selling subscriptions to their soon-to-be-released print magazine and encouraging visitors to vote for their favorite vendor (like us! hint!) for a future profile in Handful of Salt. What’s not to love?


The Details For You:

Just one of our many new art prints, “Seabird”, debuting in California at Renegade Craft Fair! Click here to purchase or for more info.

Piñatas are awesome

Lurking fun from above.

Lurking fun from above.

You know it’s true. A couple of weeks ago when my friend Beth from Hero Design was in town we cruised through the Strip District here in Pittsburgh. It was at the Latino grocery Reyna Foods where I snapped a few photos of the rad bits of colorful paper shaped into the stuff of childhood dreams. Or nightmares. Or both. A few more photos on my Flickr site as well. 

WTF is this?! Awesome.

WTF is this guy?! Awesome.

Piñatas have a long and debated history, are they Italian, Spanish or Mexican in origin? Ultimately who cares right? One fun new fact that I learned today, (thanks Wikipedia!) is that there are traditionally Christmas piñatas which are 7-pointed stars. Beating them and breaking them symbolizes triumph over the Seven Deadly Sins. And then you get to snack. Niiiiicce.

Lil flock of sleeping piñatas pack a mean fun punch.

Lil flock of sleeping piñatas pack a mean fun punch.

And, thanks to the super talented and cool Sara of Girls Can Tell, ROMG check out the Guinness Book of World Records confirmed Largest Piñata before getting destroyed by a wrecking ball (yes!) in my hometown of Philadelphia: 

World's Largest Piñata

World's largest piñata. Behold its HUGENESS.

Piñatas have always held an intense fascination for me. I love the clashing colors and the handmade aspect of them. They can range from highly conceptualized to rudimentary construction, yet all are meant to be ripped, crushed and destroyed. The first time that I saw one as a kid at a party was mildly mind-shattering, as The Winner is The Destroyer. Proof positive that inspiration can be found anywhere.