New poster released: Belle & Sebastian, North American Tour poster!


Belle & Sebastian 2010 North American Tour poster, 2-color all hand screenprinted! Available now. (Click for more info or to purchase.)


ROMG!! So, OK. If you follow me on Facebook and / or Twitter, you know that just a bit back I was freaking out a tad about a poster gig…and I couldn’t help it. Could you? This is the one that made me so excited it was hard to sleep. No kidding.

Belle & Sebastian are pretty much my favoritest favorite band, and have been for well over a decade. About 14 years now. So, we’re beyond-all-reason-honored and thrilled to do Belle & Sebastian’s limited edition 2010 North American Tour poster (our 2nd poster for the lovelies from Glasgow. Here is our now-sold-out first poster for them from way back in 2006.) We hope that you like it as much as they do.

Simply put? They’re the bestest.

This start of a love letter is my all hand screenprinted poster for the fantastic Belle & Sebastian with poppy-red and midnight black hand-mixed acrylic silkscreen inks. Edition: 400 copies were sold on tour with the band and an Artist’s Edition of 100 available here, signed & numbered (by me, strawberryluna) so I will have a limited few available for sale. Size: 16×22 inches (39.4 cm x 55.9 cm.) Paper: archival Cougar, White 100lb cover weight.

This poster was sold at the North American show dates I have just a portion of the run available for sale here, so they will go quick!

Now onsale for $25 and  freshly available for purchase at my website HERE and also in my Etsy shop here.

I also want to give a giant shout out to the adorable Fiona from Banchory who was just the best! 🙂 xo ladybug! I was lucky enough to catch their Washington, DC show at the D.A.R. with my friend Laura from soulrun and it was a magical night. Eeee!

Since the edition was a tad huge for hand screenprinting as fast as possible, (that’s right, I hand screenprinted 500 posters in 2 days…) I have only a few process photos, but I hope that you dig them anyway 🙂

Check out more at my Flickr page too!

BIG HUGE stack of paper. I felt a bit like the maiden in Rumpelstiltskin…


Here we go yo! 8 inches of raw Cougar, about to become 500 Belle & Sebastian Tour posters. (Click for more info, more photos, & to see a larger view.)

Setting up the film:

Setting up the film & registration for the 1st color for Belle & Sebastian's 2010 North American Tour poster. (Click for more info, more photos, & to see a larger view.)

Here is the first color printed, it went fairly smoothly.


1st color printed on my Belle & Sebastian 2010 North American Tour Poster. (Click for more info, more photos, & to see a larger view.)


All done! This is the first pull on the last color, with only 499 to go…

Hand screenprinted 2-color poster for Belle & Sebastian's 2010 North American Tour. (Click for more info, more photos, & to see a larger view.)