Exclusive new Designer Desktops set for Design Milk: “Light As A Bird” released!

Click to download a free, full-sized version of our Designer Desktop for July from Design Milk! Formatted for your computer, iPad and iPhone.

Hello there! We’re really excited to finally share a new bit of design work with everyone. We were approached by the powerhouse design blog Design Milk
(huge shout out thanks to lovely Kelly at Design Crush for the recommendation) in May to be a part of their ongoing curated Designer Desktops series. Of course, being a fan of Design Milk for quite sometime I said yes right away.

Jaime, the founder of Design Milk, asked us to choose a design related quote and then work from there to create a suitable exclusive illustration for desktop backgrounds and Apple wallpapers. Preferably something which would also relate to design, naturally. When I came across this gem by Coco Chanel:

“I never wanted to weigh more heavily on a man than a bird.”

I fell in love instantly and we went with it. Read more about the inspiration for these designs here at Design Milk 

Our Designer Desktops are FREE and available for download in multiple formats exclusively at Design Milk here for the entire month of July. There are 4 sizes to choose from for standard computer monitors as well as an iPad & an iPhone version too. All especially formatted for perfection, of course! Click below to download any and all of these sizes:







So drop on by Design Milk and get your free, light as a bird new desktops and wallpapers and spiff up!

Click to download this free iPhone wallpaper, or snag any of the 5 other formats of our design for Design Milk's July Desktops

Spoonflower, just what we’ve been waiting for.

Thanks to a Twitter mention by smartie artie Meg Hunt, we recently found a great problem solver! Love textiel design, but perhaps don’t have the space, materials and expertise to print your own design? Spoonflower is fix.

For a textile, pattern and design nerd like me, this is straight heaven. Spoonflower, based in an former sock Mill in Mebane, North Carolina in the US, is technically still in it’s Beta stage. However, just this week they made the big move from an invite-only site to a fully public interactive website. Upload patterns & designs, peruse and follow the works of other designers around the world, order custom printed swatches based on your designs, or just read through the extensive blog for ideas, tutorials and tips of the trade.

Basically? Spoonflower is pretty much amazing. Look for my work there soon! Can’t wait to go play. Eeeeeeee.